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Welcome to Manes Truck Parts. Our store carries a full line of new parts and a huge selection of used parts for the 1967-1972 Chevrolet and GMC Pickup, Blazer, Suburban, Panel Truck and Jimmy. We have tried to place our parts in easy to find categories. You will find all of our categories (and a general idea of what parts are in each category) listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to e-mail or call us.

All parts are Reproduction unless otherwise stated Original GM. Although most prices are correct, Manes Truck Parts cannot guarantee the price of an item or its availability at the time of your order. You will be notified if a price has changed or if the item is no longer available.

A/C & Heating

Our Air Conditioning and Heater Parts Category will have anything from parts for dressing up your interior to mechanical and electrical parts. Dress-up parts includes chrome defrost vents, chrome A/C deverter balls and chrome heater lever knobs. Mechanical/electrical parts includes blower motors, heater switches, compressors and POA valves. We even carry the A/C and heater duct hose and the cables that go on the back of your controls themselves.


Our Battery Category is not very big, but you will find some very nice items to show off under your hood. We have a powder coated battery box complete with bottom tray and sides. You can order it with the air condition bracket or without. This battery box also comes in a beautiful mirror chrome finish. We also have basic items such as the battery hold down clamp and bolt.


Our Beds Category will contain oak wood for the floors of a long bed, short bed, Stepside, Fleetside and even Long Horn trucks. We also have the steel or stainless steel bed strips and bolts, and front bed pans. For the tailgates, we have blank tailgate panels or ones stamped Chevrolet or GMC.


Our Brake Parts Category has brake boosters, brake drums, proportioning valves, calipers and brake hoses. We even have the disc brake hoses for your 1971-1972 ½ and ¾ ton trucks. If you would like to convert your pickup to disc brakes, call us for details. We normally have everything you need for this conversion in stock and available used.


In our Bumper Category, we have new chrome front bumpers for 1967-1970 and 1971-1972 Chevy, as well as 1967-1972 GMC trucks, Blazers and Suburbans. Rear bumpers for 1967-1972 Stepside or Fleetside are also available. You can order stainless steel capped bumper bolts, bumper brackets for rear or front bumpers, gravel shields, license plate bracket and light, or front and rear roll pans in this category. There is a rear bumper kit for a truck that needs the rear bumper and all the accessories.


We Carry a full line of new parts and have a huge selection of used parts in our Chassis Category. You will find both front and rear coil springs for 1967-1972 ½ ton and ¾ ton trucks. We also have coil spring cup retainer and coil springs for lowering your pickup. Other parts in this category includes upper and lower ball joints, bushings for upper and lower a-arms, rear stabilizer bar bushings, trailing arm bushings and front sway bar bushings. You cannot get new front sway bars, but we do have them used complete with brackets. If your trailing arms are rusting out, we have some in used, but great condition. The power steering gear box and power steering pumps are available used and rebuilt. You will also find all of our cab mount kits in rubber or polyeurothane for ½ or ¾ ton, 4X4 and blazers.


Our Door Parts Category has the mechanical parts like 1968-1971 and 1972 window regulators, inside door controls, inside and outside door handles, door lock + ignition set and door latches. This category also has the dress-up parts too. Arm rests for 1967 come in black and red. 1968-1971 and 1972 arm rests come in several different colors; Black, Gray, Green, Blue, Red, Parchment and Saddle are available. We carry a very nice reproduction vinyl door panel for the 1967-1968, 1969, and 1970-1971. They all come in a variety of colors. The 1969 has the scroll pattern with the Bowtie logo embossed at the top, and the 1970-71 has the deluxe wood grain trim at the top. You can also find the chrome sill plates like original. If you are looking for something a little more unique, we have chrome sill plates w/ an embossed Bowtie logo!

Electrical & Switches

In Electrical and Switches you will find several wiring harnesses including a starter wiring harness (with or without H.E.I. conversion), headlight harness, turn signal harness and a taillight wiring harness for Fleetside or a Stepside Pickup. We even have the wiring harness loom or rain gutter for your radiator support and firewall. You will also find switches for your heater, ignition and headlights. A color wire diagram is available.


A wide variety of emblems were used in the making of our 1967-1972 Chevrolet or GMC Pickups, Blazer, Suburban, and Jimmys. We have the Chevrolet and GMC hood letters and tailgate letters. Bowtie grill emblems are available for 1967-1968 and 1971-1972; hood Bowtie emblem for 1971-1972; and emblems for the fender, door, and glove box emblems and even the 4 wheel drive and K-5 Blazer emblems. GMC 1500 Custom, Sierra, Sierra Grande, Chevy Custom, Cheyenne and CST parts are also included here.

Exhaust Manifolds

We have Small Block and Big Block Exhaust Manifolds Available.

Fenders & Hoods

Some of the fenders we carry are: the 1967 fender w/ no side marker lens, 1968 fender and the 1969-1972 Chevy fenders, and the 1967-1972 GMC fenders. We even have just the passenger side fender tip pocket. We have Inner Fender Wells that fit all 1967-1972's. You can purchase a brand new stock hood or an awesome steel cowl induction hood for 1967-1968, 1979-1972 Chevys and 1967-1972 GMCs. We also have the cowl seals, hood cushion kits, hood bumper kits and hood hinges.


We have firewall pads available for all our 1967-1972 trucks; whether it is for A/C or non-air conditioning. Included are the Firewall plugs.


Most of our products available in our Grill Category are still available by General Motors and in reproduction. You can get 1967-1968 grill loops (reproduction or GM), 1969-1970 and 1971-1972 inner grills (OEM GM or reproduction). The 1969-1970 and 1971-1972 outer grill shells are also available OEM GM or reproduction. Grill mounting brackets and hardware are also available here.

Interior & Cab Parts

You could probably spend all day shopping in our Interior and Cab Parts Category. Seat covers for bench, bucket, or buddy bucket seats. Dash pads, arm rests and vinyl door panels are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. The original 80/20 loop carpet is available for our 1967-1972 trucks, Blazers, Jimmys and Suburbans (2wd or 4X4). Our very popular Heartbeat of America floor mats come w/ the original 80/20 loop carpet w/ lots of soft rubber grippies to hold them in place. You can order a dash cluster complete w/ a vacuum gauge or tach gauge. Or you can order just the chrome dash bezel itself. Gas caps, gas neck grommets and gas tank sending units are here. Other items include wiper knobs, headlight knobs, ignition bezels, 1969-1972 steering wheels and horn buttons, headliner trim and cardboard glove box inserts that accept air conditioning or non-a/c.

Lens & Related Parts

In Lens and Related Parts you will find not only your original looking lens but, a few of the Euro look as well. 1967-1972 deluxe side marker lens are available in the amber, red and clear lens. We have the clear 1971-1972 park lamp lens and 1967-1972 clear taillight lens and the originals along w/ the taillight bezels and clips. Suburban and Panel Truck taillight and backup lens are also available.


In our Literature Category, you can find factory assembly manuals for 1967-1972 and service manuals originally published by GM. Reproduction specific manuals are now available for 1967,1968,1969,1970,1971,1972, pickup trucks. For the nostalgia lovers, we have owner's manuals for your glove box, and individual sales brochures. This is the literature you would have picked up in a Chevrolet dealership in 1967-1972 if you needed information on the line of pickups they had.

Motor & Cab Mounts

In Motor and Cab Mounts we have motor mount frame stands used for small block and 6 cylinder. Complete cab mount kits and radiator core support bushings are also included in this category.


The Mirror Catagory includes mirrors, brackets and gaskets. We have a 1971-1972 sport mirror kit, the 1967-1970 mirror arms in stainless steel or painted and rectangle or round mirror heads. You can also find rear-view mirrors for 1967-1971 and the 1972; both with the night/day option.

Patch Panels

For Patch Panels we have a bed floor panel that measures 20x48, bed side wheel arch, cab corners, rockers, floor pans and outer rear floor sections. There are also inside and outside door bottom patch panels, an outer skin for 1967-1972 doors and passenger side fender tip pocket.


Radiators and Related parts will contain 3-core and 4-core radiators, mounting brackets and cushions. A complete radiator core support, or just its bushings. We also have brand new fan shrouds for 1967-1972 4X4 and 2 wheel drives with a/c or non-a/c. Big block fan shrouds are not available new, but once again we do have them in great condition used.


Our Radio Parts Category will have a radio that comes with A/M F/M Cassette, and a special face plate made specifically for our 1967-1972 dashes. You will find speakers including the original factory speaker that goes in the dash, or the dual speaker for the dash. We now have available kick panel speakers and antennas.


We have several different tailgates and options available for our 1967-1972 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. You can purchase a blank Fleetside tailgate, tailgates stamped w/ GMC or Chevrolet, or an embossed Bowtie. The vinyl tailgate letters for Chevrolet tailgates and a tailgate handle re-locator kit.


Our Trim Category will contain Individual trim pieces as well as complete trim kits for 1967-1968 and 1969-1972 short bed, long bed and long horn Fleetside pickups, Blazers and Suburbans.

Weatherstrip & Gaskets

Our Weatherstrip Category has all that is available for our 1967-1972 pickups, Blazers and Suburbans. We carry everything to replace all the weatherstripping in your doors, door to cab seals, window felts and rubbers, door glass channel, wing window vertical and the wing window rubbers. You will also find the front windshield gasket and rear glass gasket.


In Wiper Parts you will find the washer jugs and brackets for the 1967-1968 and the 1969-1972, the wiper knob and wiper switch. You will also find stainless steel wiper arms and blades.

Used Parts

Our Used Parts Category will change often. Some parts are easier to find than others and prices will also vary on the condition of the used part. We won't be able to list all the used parts that we carry, so please feel free to contact us if you don't find what you are looking for.

General Merchandise

For our General Merchandise category we try to find unique gift items or literature on our 1967-1972 trucks. Please check out of our diecast 1967 John Deere pickup, 1967 Indian motorcycle pickup and our 1967 United States Post office panel truck.

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